Managing Sensor Data has never been easier

VDV is an all included data management software for storing and handling data from data loggers and other field devices. VDV offers storage of data, visualization by graphs, real-time displays and data tables, multiple alarm triggers, creation of calculated sensors, fast processing, configurable security access levels, data research capability, automatic reports and comprehensive web service for projects of any size.

The beauty of VDV is that you can run it on your own server and store all data in-house. Use VDV to store all sensor data in a single database and have web access to the data, alarms and all other functions needed to run a successful monitoring network.

Choose how you want to run VDV

Do you want to run VDV in-house or have us host the data?

Run VDV in-house

Manage multiple projects for multiple clients in a single VDV installation. Optionally charge your customers for VDV data hosting services.

Install and Deploy VDV on your own server and run a data service. Data will be collected and stored in a database which is in-house. Users will use a web browser to access the real time data. We provide the software and you take care of the hardware and maintenance. You have full control of the System and can make all changes needed on your server.

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Cloud hosting

Data is sent to our server and users can access the data through a web browser. We take care of all software and hardware maintenance and you can focus on the monitoring project. You have access to a VDV Specialist to get your projects up and running quickly.

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VDV Training Days

Take part in the VDV training days and expand your VDV capabilities

VDV2016 released

Take a look at the full VDV2016 Overview

Different fields

VDV can be applied to any monitoring field

What combines all VDV users around the world is that they have data loggers which are connected to sensors. They use VDV to store, analyse, publish and get key information from the data.

  • Geotechnical

  • Weather

  • Water

  • Environmental

  • University

  • Wind Energy

Your Benefits

We provide the software solution which you benefit from

Grow your business

Use VDV to sell data services to clients.
VDV automated features make it easier to manage multiple projects.

Lower operational cost

Save time and money by automating manual tasks.
Automatically visualize data, check for alarms & create reports.

Run your own Cloud server

Install VDV on your own server and run your own data management system. Offer data services to your staff and clients.

No Coding

VDV requires no coding. All configurations are done with a point and click mouse interface. New projects can be configured in a very short time.

All Data loggers

VDV is a single data portal to all project data. We support data from all data loggers and instrument types.

Proven Solution

VDV is an off the shelf commercial product that is used by customers World Wide. VDV has been in development over 10 years and has a proven track record.

What our users are saying…

Joseph Grzyb

With VDV we know that our data is coming through, getting validated and being graphed in real-time. Because it is in real-time, if we see something wrong with the data we can get out to our sensors right away and fix the problem.

Joseph GrzybEnvironmental ScientistNew Jersey Meadowlands Commission
Curt Ingram

VDV provides such a high level of support every time I have needed it, you guys are wonderful. I can say that we are extremely happy with VDV and will be doing business for a long time to come.

Curt IngramVP of TechnologyNew Scada LLC
Nick Ruddel

VDV have been outstanding when responding to support issues.

We have always received a response within 24 hours, and their staff are knowledgeable and able to provide clear direction on resolving support items.

Nick RuddelOperations ManagerMDT Australia
Marek Biskupič

Without VDV it would not be possible to keep the eye on thousands of images in a meaningful way. Without a doubt VDV helps to efficiently manage all data relevant for producing accurate avalanche forecast

Marek BiskupičHead Avalanche Prevention Center

Companies using VDV