You may buy direct from any of the following fine companies:

Vista Data Vision Distributors


Geokon Inc, New Hampshire, USA,
Geokon, Inc. manufactures a full range of reliable, high-quality geotechnical and structural monitoring instrumentation.
Area:  USA and Worldwide.
Contact:  Tony Simmonds

RST Instruments Ltd, British Columbia, Canada,
RST Instruments offers a full range of geotechnical and structural instrumentation for investigating and monitoring a wide range of projects in the civil engineering, mining, & environmental sectors.
Area:  USA and Worldwide

Vista Data Vision Resellers and System Integrators that support VDV

North America

Advanced Monitoring Methods, LLCColorado, USA – 
Advanced Monitoring Methods provides high-quality, high recovery monitoring services under all environmental conditions and locations.
Area:  USA
Contact:  Thomas W. Brauch

Atmospheric Systems Corporation, California, USA,
Atmospheric Systems design, manufacture and sell a surface based atmospheric remote sensing instruments and systems to monitor the atmospheric boundary layer parameters such as wind, turbulence and temperature profiles.
Area: USA
Contact: Josh Underwood

Bridge DiagnosticsColorado, USA
BDI offer all types of structual testing service and equipment
Area:  USA
Contact:  Brett Commander, P.E.

GKM Consultants, Inc. Montreal,
GKM Consultants offers geotechnical instrumentation, data acquisition systems and monitoring services for civil engineering applications, notably for dam safety, tunnel, bridge and mining.
Area:  Worldwide
Contact:  Jean-Marie Bréhé, ing.

Intermountain Environmental, Utah, USA,
Environmental equipment and services
Area:  USA
Contact:  Josh Hanks

Mine Design Technologies Inc, Kingston, Canada,
MDT offers various products for instrumentation with a focus on the geotechnical industry
Area: Worldwide
Contact: Nick Ruddel

Roctest Ltd, Montréal, Canada,
Offers a wide range of products for geotechnical and structural applications
Area: Worldwide
Contact: René Deblois


A.P. Company d.o.o. Koste Tausanovica 2, 11000 Belgrade, Rep. of Serbia,
Area:  Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Romania & Bulgaria
Contact:  Zvonimir Predic, Director

GEOgrup, Istanbul, Turkey
GeoGRUP Inc. is a pioneer in providing geotechnical software tools.
Area:  Turkey, TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
Contact:  Orhan Esat INANIR

GEONOR, Inc., PA, 
Serving users in Geotechnical & Structural Engineering, and Meteorology.
Area: USA, Canada, Hispano America (Not Brazil)
Contact: Ed Brylawski, P.E.

Geosense Ltd., Suffolk ,
Supplier of instruments to the geotechnical, civil engineering, structural health monitoring, mining and environmental industries.
Area: Europe, Middle East, North Africa
Contact: Martin Clegg

Koenders Instruments B.V., Almere, Nederland,
Instrumentation for hydrology, meteorology and geotechnical systems, data logger networks
Area:  Nederlands
Contact:  Robert van der Veen

Logotronic, Vienna, Austria,
Logotronic offers a measurement system, which fulfils the technical requirements of our customer at its best while also considering the budgetary possibilities
Area: Austria, Mozambique
Contact: Gerhard Pevny

ITAS – Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS, Aas, Norway,
System integrator instrumentation, service provider and data logger networks
Area: Norway
Contact: Marius Brenden

ProfEC Ventus GmbH, Oldenburg, Germany
ProfEC Ventus is a highly specialized company for wind energy advice and diverse types of accredited measurements on global scale. The accreditation as testing laboratory following ISO/IEC 17025 proves bankability of work and performances
Area: Europe
Contact: Andreas Jansen


Aridus, Hydro Geotechnik, Gaborone,
Advanced Monitoring Methods provides high-quality, high recovery monitoring services under all environmental conditions and locations.
Area: Botswana
Contact: Themba Mongwa, Technical Specialist


Coffey International Ltd., Australia
Coffey’s specialist Instrumentation and Monitoring (I&M) Group provides a complete range of I&M services for geotechnical, hydrogeological, structural and environmental applications in civil and mining projects.
Area:  Australia
Contact:  Peter Lamb


Encardio-Rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow, India,
Geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring system provider.
Area: Worldwide
Contact: Amod Gujral

Record Tek, Roorkee, India –
Supplier of technical instrumentation hardware and related services.
Area: India
Contact: Abhinav Goyal
STSvs, Iran –
Supplier of technical instrumentation hardware and related services.
Area: India
Contact: Saeed Taheri

South America

TecWise,  Timóteo, Brazil,
Mines, Geotechnical, Oil and Gas, Heavy Industries
Area: Brazil
Contact: Omar Santos Garzedin

Middle East

Elard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 

Geosciences, water management and environmental project management services.
Area: United Arab Emirates
Contact: Ribal Aldahhak